How will counselling help?

Together we can find your path.


It is our human nature to work through mental, physical and emotion at different times and depending on what else we have going on in our lives at that time will often determine how well we are able to accommodate this process - we all need support sometimes.

The best form of help comes from within ourselves because no-one knows us better even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

It can be hard to know how to access this and I am able to help you with the skills and techniques that I have learnt to help you find what you need, in your way, in your own time and at the pace you need.

Human nature only establishes what we need in the moment which means after we think we have worked through something, later - often years later it can rise again because we need to reposition it with the additional experiences and insight we have now have of life.

I value the support I have received and consider it an honour to be able to offer support to others, the trust, the respect, the confidentiality, the understanding, the acceptance...


As a member of the BACP and a fully insured professional therapist, I am able to offer L4 Integrative Counselling which I trained for 4 years for, in addition I have a Diploma in NLP and Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy - specialising in Bereavement/loss counselling, Mental health, Self-harm work, Abuse, Depression, Relationship difficulties, Boundary work, Gestalt therapy and Visual/play therapy.

I can offer you the space you need to explore yourself, I will be committed to supporting you the way you need to be supported in a professional, therapeutic, confidential and empathic relationship to empower you.



50 Minute Sessions cost £30 - HALF PRICE to Student Counsellors.

The first session FREE as this session will be an opportunity for us to meet and discuss how we can work together to meet your needs and to start establishing the professional relationship.


Counselling at times can be benefited from Body therapies and often clients are more comfortable to see me for body therapies because a trusting relationship has already been developed. I can offer you

  • Crystal healing & teaching course
  • Energy balancing
  • Facials and therapeutic foot massages with pressure point techniques - with option to have oils and/or hot or cold crystal stones
  • Reiki treatments, teaching courses (and Reiki Circles)
  • Work shops
  • Visualisations
  • Sound therapy



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