About Me

My journey.

I have come to understand that we all need to have an awareness of who we are and what our needs are to be all all that we can be:

Having an awareness of of who we are puts us in a positive position to progress through to where we need to be, which in turn gives us a sense of achievement, satisfaction, self-empowerment, confidence, self-understanding, compassion and love for ourselves, and others. 

Working out what our needs are and how to meet them can be difficult at times and we can all benefit from some support to help us on our journey to move forward. I value the support that I have received throughout my life and I trust that I have the tools to enable you to help you work this out, give you the tools you need to move forward in a positive way.
Instinctively as a child from the age of 6 years old I began working with crystals when my father introduced me to them at a fete one Saturday afternoon.  Although I really didn't understand what I was doing other than enjoying the crystals at first, by placing them around me, washing them, placing them in my window, around my room at particular times.

I grew to understand that when I felt a certain way I would do certain things with the crystals and it helped me feel better - it was the crystals that aided my first intuitive meditations at the age 12.

Over time friends and family began to notice and began to ask me for advice and treatments; my experiences during this time increased my confidence and decided it was time to follow my vocation by offerring this gift to everyone who needed it. I therefore qualifified as a Crystal Therapist to Diploma Level and have never looked back. I developed Crystal Workshops but found there simply wasn't time to cover the essential key areas and so I developed my 'Foundation Chakra & Crystal Fountation Course' and the 'Crystal Practitioner Level Course'. Wether you want to use Crystals for self and loved ones or Practice professionally or receive a treatment to balance your energy system, calm your mind, gain clarity, shift challenges that are hold you down/back or simply need a healing experience, I can help you.


In 1999 after receiving 3 Reiki treatments, I began training with Traditional Usui Reiki and became a Master/Teacher in 2001 which gave me a belief healing system that complimented the Crystal Healing perfectly - I offer Reiki independant of Crystals and as a combined healing.

I became an Indian Head Therapist in 2002 as I acknowledged the power of therapeutic massage with the use of pressure/aqua points to access healing and became increasing aware of the Eastern healings and how they interlink as this lead me to research and develop greater knowledge of EFT, the Chakra, Mara and Meridian systems and how vibration, including the vibration of sound can be used for clearing, well-being and healing.  I incorporate this knowledge into my teachings and continue to developed my own learning; I am currently training as a Sound Therapist.

NLP Dip in 2003, Psychotherapist Ad Dip in 2003 and Therapeutic Counsellor L4 Diploma in 2005, a total of 6 years training psychological communication and processess covering all of the theories known to date therfore I can use the most benefical approach for you. 
I have worked with people from all walks of life, with all different abilities for over 30 years and had in many different roles in the care industry. 
I increasingly felt the 'pull' between the ‘job’ (as it increasingly felt) and practicing what I loved which empowered me to feel I was all that I was meant to be and this then helped others which was wonderful.
I practiced my body therapies mainly with friends, family, with the Local Economy Trading System (L.E.T.S.) and I practiced my Counselling and Psychotherapy at a Mental Health Centre in North Devon and in private practice.  After 8 years of this 'pull' and feeling I was loosing touch with who I was, and what I believed in, I left my job in August 2009 to set up a therapy centre business to follow my dream: my vocation to be all that I am.


My journey so far has shown me that different types of support are needed at different times in our lives, which is why I chose to become skilled in both Talking therapies and Body Work therapies; some people they need to talk, process and re-valuate, other people need movement on a different vibration. 

The two do work alongside each other and influence each other; for different reasons and at different times in our lives.  One may need support more than the other.  

It is our human nature to work through mental, physical and emotion at different times and depending on what else we have going on in our lives at that time will often determine how well we are able to accommodate this process - we all need support and / or guidance sometimes.  

It is also our human nature to only establish what we need at that moment which means after we think we have worked through something.  Later - often years later it will rise again because we need to shift it or re-position it with the additional experiences and insight we now have had in life.

I value the support  I have received and consider it an honour to be able to offer support to others, the trust, the respect, the confidentiality, the understanding, the acceptance...
... So I give thanks to all of the people that have inspired me and others; teachers, friends, family, like-minded people and those of you that pass through my life briefly, often only long enough to offer a thought, insight, olive branch, a kind word... These deeds are meaningful and do make a difference, thank you.

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